Friday, January 16, 2015

Peace and Paperwhites

Do you often feel that what seems to be accidental is often very purposeful? Have you ever had the feeling that The Cosmos might be speaking to you, even directing you, with unseen hands, toward your goal (s)?

Let me explain. I have this 50,000 word manuscript that is really just an outline of a novel -  I can't imagine how long the actual book could be. I "won" the manuscript by completing a Nanowrimo challenge in 2012. Now I have to do something with it. I have been thinking about it over the years and every once in a while I feel that I am being directed, by forces unknown, to yet another approach that I might take, to actually shape the text into a real life novel.

I don't read a lot about writing, because, I find, it can all become very confusing. I let the important ideas find me! This is how lately, I have come across a few references on FB that I feel have been looking for someone - It's me - I'm over here!! Several were from Neil Gaimen, about telling stories, writing, imagining, writing about what you know etc. and another just happened today. It was a feed about writing and language from a BBC podcast.

You see my "novel" was a little too ordinary, rather common, everyday "stuff" with very little tension (excitement) and not a lot of humour or emotion. It was a little too "real." It is also composed of a series of "flashbacks." I have now decided to try to make some, if not all, of these flashbacks into tightly knit stories - well it's a start.

The podcast, though, may have been the page turner - no pun intended - well maybe just a little. It's about fantasy and it gave me the idea to infuse these flashbacks with touches of fantasy or the surreal and still have them believable in the context. The salient word for me from the talk was "poetry." It gave me permission to use the lines of poetry, that pop into my head daily, in the text of the novel.

I think I can do this "thing"!!

The pictures - Paperwhites and a Peace plant in bloom - the surreal in the middle of January - are you there muse??

Have a surreal day!!

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