Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finding humour....and dignity :)

...... I may also be getting my sense of humour back. That is, I seemed to have lost, for a while anyway, not only my enthusiasm for writing, but also my ability to find the humour and/or irony in situations that I come across daily. Well, my sense of humour has always been a little macabre, so it may not actually be the humour shared by others. Nevertheless, it did help me make sense of a world that could sometimes seem very senseless :)

Here's what I mean. As I walked to work yesterday, I came across this sign - "Seniors Loading Zone." OK, it's out in front of a seniors' centre and yes, people get dropped off and picked up, so I guess you have to put up a sign to tell people what to expect. However, I had this vision of all these seniors lining up, waiting to be loaded onto buses or whatever, to be taken....somewhere. Where indeed and were they to come back again?....who knows. Somehow I think that there my have been a more sensitive way of phrasing the information.

Maybe the people who create notices for organizations need to be especially terse. That's why they work very hard at saying what has to be said in just a word or two...OK...maybe three, because the more you have to say, the bigger the sign and the more expensive the project.

Anyway, I'll keep my eye open for groups of seniors being herded off somewhere. I'll also try to find a better way of phrasing the information on the sign to bring a little more dignity to the situation.

Have an awesome day!!

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