Monday, October 06, 2014

Nuit Blanche Neuf - Deux

This is my second post on the ninth celebration of Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Oct 4/5, 2014. For me this all night Art show has always been about the people and the magic that it brings to the ordinary, everyday landscape of the city.

For example, this Henry Moore sculpture took on a totally different vibe, when I realized that the young person below was taking a running "slide" through the piece, while a friend captured it on video.  I love the way people create their own Art by interacting with what is there :)

My "Art" is trying to capture the "magic" of the night. Neon signs have always fascinated me. Here are a few.

This one is open to interpretation :)

as are these.

Finally, the moon and her minions, the lights that whiten the night.

Have a great day!!

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