Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brucing it up

That's Brucing, not sprucing. Let me explain. It begins with Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night. We started doing this a few years ago, when a friend couldn't make "the feast" on Saturday or Sunday. I loved it, because we were then "free" to go away for a day or two over the long weekend.

This year we had two brilliantly sunny days Saturday and Sunday. Although we didn't stay overnight anywhere, we did go hiking both days on the Bruce Trail. Saturday we hiked the Glen Ross side trail from map #18, if you follow the trail at all. It's a fairly strenuous hike and after a "party" the night before, I only managed the 4kms of the Glen Ross loop. We had planned to do a little more, but today was not the day.


Although, the colours were lovely, they were already starting to fade. In fact, some of the trees had lost their leaves entirely. Still the vistas were very pretty and the sun made everything glow. Even though the roads were busy, the trails were virtually empty. We passed just six hikers in the 2.5 hours we were out. In fact, one couple, who were hiking the entire Hockley trail plus side trails - a six hour romp - were hoping to get out before dark. I wished them luck. They might be the only people left there.

On Sunday we walked part of the Caledon Hills trail, which is map #17. This was an easier 6.6kms hike over varied terrain, which rose to the top of one of the hills for a gorgeous view over the valley. I know that a lot of people take a drive in the country to see the colours, but it's much more rewarding to actually get out and walk for miles surrounded by what many only see at a distance.

We stopped in again at the Farmer's market on the way home for more apples, carrots and a look at their pumpkins :)

Have a great day!!

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