Sunday, October 26, 2014

Art & Atitude

Both Art and Attitude are "A" words. Please, let me explain. Because I need a focus to get through winter, I have borrowed a meditating technique that I used a few years ago to, well, do just that - get through winter. That is, I created a post a day based on three words beginning with the same letter. I looked for (or created) opportunities in the day that illustrated these words and then wrote about the experience. It's a distraction and it works - sort of :)

However, three words, I think, are too many to really get the value out of each word and if the winter is going to be as long and cold as last year, I am going to need several alphabets to sustain me!! As a result, I have narrowed my concentration to one word (OK two for this post) and limited my posts to one every few days.  Doing the math, that would be 78 words every other day for a total of 156 days. I can see the snow melting now, before it has even fallen!!

So what was the result of a few days of channelling Art and Attitude? More time wasting :) I joined Instagram. I do take a lot of pictures and I like the idea of posting them and following other people who also post pictures. The question would then be, is this really "Art"? Well, that would depend on your attitude. Here are a few interpretive shots that I can't post to Instagram because they are on my MAC and I don't seem to be able to transfer them to my phone - more challenges and time wasting. If I wasted through winter, would I lose weight? Probably not :(

This is actually a colour picture. A grey bus shot at night, on a grey road, with a grey puddle looks pretty black and white to me, hmmmm. Anyway, I love discussing pictures, because - you guessed it - it wastes a lot of time. Questions, such as, why did the photographer cut off the head of the greyhound, come to mind? Is the picture some existential statement on the human race not really going anywhere? No, I would have shot the entire bus except that there was a car parked to my right and if I moved up to avoid the car, I would have lost the reflection in the puddle. How much of Art is really just accidental? - another "A" word.

Here's another.

I'm fascinated by shadows - but are they Art? Below is the original.

I'm undecided as to which one I like better.

My moniker on Instagram is infiknitbuzz. Please send me a picture :)

Have a great day!

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