Thursday, October 23, 2014


........ is another A word that I chose for a day of channeling a few Octobers ago. Actually I may have tried to channel (think) it on one of those very busy days, that makes meditating virtually impossible, because nothing really got "stirred up." This is not a bad thing.

Wait, I did do a lot and I repeat, a lot, of cleaning and reorganizing back then and I am about to do more clearing out and re-arranging of "things" again, soon. It's sort of a controlled agitation which helps to flush out the "gunk" and free the mind for inspiration, I hope.

Also, I did take a "free" Principle Barre session at the Ballet School on Tuesday. However, I have decided that this type of muscle agitation can wait a while longer. It was a good work out, but at $20.00 a session, it's pricey.

Maybe not exactly agitation, but a least a worthwhile stroll, we walked in "Light Up The Night," last night. It's a fund raiser for all blood related cancers, in which my husband's company participates. Tons of people from tons of organizations took part and they raised a ton of money. All we had to do was assemble at Nathan Phillips Square and walk a designated route past the various hospitals carrying lanterns that lit up the night. It was an amazing parade, with a police escort! Unfortunately, it tied up traffic on University Ave. for quite a while. We may have agitated a lot of commuters at that point.

Finally, an agitation I could do without. Sadly a soldier was killed at the war memorial in Ottawa, yesterday and parliament was locked down. Terrorism is agitation at its worst. It has shaken us all up. I think that I need to channel "peace" today - maybe prayer and patience too. All things pass, but some take longer than others.

The pictures? lighting up the night in Toronto for a good cause.

Have a peaceful day.

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