Saturday, September 06, 2014

Zen and the Art of the Knuckle Ball

Can you tell a family by the conversations they have? I wonder then, what could be said about our family from the following topics? Yes, we still have dinner together, when we can, and the conversation is almost as important as the food!!

1. The Knuckle Ball - This was a somewhat serious discussion of the Knuckle Ball in Baseball. The premise was that, as a pitcher, if you can't be fast, be tricky. A Knuckle Ball apparently has a mind of its own. Sometimes even the pitcher doesn't know how it is going to twist, veer or stop and drop. A philosophical treatise flashed through my mind - Zen and the Art of the Knuckle Ball, with aforementioned sub-title - If You Can't Be Fast, Be Tricky. (I'm not sure that tricky is really Zen, but what do I know?) Watch for it on Amazon :)

2. TIFF - The Toronto International Film Festival has been going for years and has apparently reached its own "star" status!! I have said before that we don't watch a lot of movies, largely because we can never agree on a film, so we have never been to TIFF. The kids have never mentioned it and since I have seen the line ups everywhere, I have avoided going on my own.

The conversation muscle

This is the first year it has been even mentioned in the house.  Our youngest raised the topic at dinner, with the question, "Is anyone going to TIFF?" A long discussion ensued about several very mediocre Canadian actors. Fortunately or unfortunately, one of them, Keanu Reeves, went to Northern, (the school two of my kids attended) at the same time as the father of a friend did. We like to claim celebrity status by proximity to even mediocre stars. Not to mention that that proximity, in itself, is often mediocre.

I suggested that not-so-great actors probably have great agents that keep them working as long as possible, in spite of very obvious limitations. I also raised the idea (again) of the youngest getting head shots and trying to look for an agent. Hope springs eternal.

Art as dessert - miniature treats in Sculpey 

3. Johnny Depp - I don't make dessert and now I know why people do, because it keeps the kids at the table longer. People tend to hang around for dessert. I like to think of Johnny Depp as dessert. He can keep a conversation going at the table for almost longer than the meal itself. He might be the Edward Scissorhands of spaghetti and meatballs or something like that. How could he have failed as the Lone Ranger and why didn't Tonto bail him out?

4. Kijiji - My eldest announced that he had just uploaded several of his artworks to Kijiji. I was skeptical. Do people really buy Art on Kijiji? He said that there were tons and tons of pieces there. But were they selling was my question? Then I remembered that I had sold a lot of my old office furniture and equipment on Kijiji, including cartridges, partially filled with toner. Not art, I know. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see if his Art sells there.

Food with wrinkles

5. Ironing - I have traded some of my son's tech savvy in exchange for ironing his shirts. I really don't mind ironing in small doses. It connects me with my mother and my grandmother. So it was, that since I needed some tech advice and my son needed to know that his shirts would look as good as store bought, after they had been washed, (there was a period there when I realized that he hadn't been washing them) that I arranged the exchange.

Everything was going well, until he asked one evening at dinner, "How old is your iron?" Irons haven't changed much, since they added a steam component. At least, I don't think so. Perhaps the newer ones make dinner as well and maybe I have to check these out. But this is an aside to the real issue. Do older irons really take out the wrinkles or do they actually add more wrinkles? I often wonder at the thought processes of younger generations. Just because it is old doesn't mean it doesn't work and conversely, just because it's young doesn't mean it does work!!

The pictures? Food for thought and my son's dessert art. It's the Mad Hatter's tea party, which he created from Sculpey.

Have a thoughtful day!!

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