Sunday, September 07, 2014

Words Worth Writing.....

.....I love words. I love them individually, on their own, out of context, just sitting there in my mind, waiting for the right moment to be given life - spoken or written. That's why my interest was piqued when I came across this post entitled, "The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English." They are listed here on Pinterest. I must admit it is a compelling list and most of them are quite beautiful. I was also surprised that there were 17 I did not know. Ailurophile - cat lover and Chatoyant - like a cat's eye - I should have known these, given the years that I have been in the company of cats!!

Fugacious - fleeting - I am not likely to use, even though I now know its meaning, because I prefer, ephemeral and evanescent, words with a similar meaning. Fugacious sounds too much like fudge, which can be sticky and hang around a little too long. And although, Halcyon means carefree, the word itself is a little too stiff and proper to be completely without care.

Lagniappe - a special kind of gift - sounds a little over worked, when the word "talent" would suffice. The same could be said for Mondegreen - a slip of the ear and Palimpsest - a manuscript written over earlier ones.

There were, however, words that I knew but rarely, if ever used, such as, Susurrous - whispering or hissing. I think I could use this one a little more. Also Emollient - a softener and Dulcet - sweet - are words I rarely use, but should. The rest, barring a few exceptions, are words I use often and love. Labyrinthine - twisting - is currently my favourite, however, Diaphanous - filmy, Gossamer - thread like and Quintessential - essential - are right up there.

Finally, I can tell I am with a kindred soul when I find on their list the word, Tintinnabulation - tinkling. I have one, if not two posts dedicated to this word from the poem, The Bells.

Have a sumptuous day!

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