Thursday, September 25, 2014

What to Write?

I felt today that I needed to write something - but what? It was actually easier to write last year when I accepted a challenge to write a blog a day for the year. In fact, I did write 365 blogs in 2013, maybe not everyday, but sometimes I wrote three in one day. This is often how the creative process works - sometimes there's nothing and sometimes there's a whole lot :) Somehow, when you know you have to write, you dredge up a topic or two and just start. When you don't actually have to do anything, you tend to wait for the perfect combination of topic and enthusiasm!

So maybe I have the enthusiasm today, but not the topic :) When all else fails, make a list!!

1. I could write on the new recipient of the Ignoble prize. He was written up recently in the local newspaper under the heading, "The Father, Son and Holy Toast." He's a researcher who has studied people who see images, often of a religious nature, in common, everyday items, such as food. I thought, oh, this is great! I can take some pictures at breakfast and bingo have a blog post. Except that I didn't see any images, religious or otherwise. Somehow, my toast was just that, toast. The milk in my tea hadn't curdled, so there was nothing there. Alas, the agnostic in me has prevailed and I am doomed to lead a life governed by practical science. Sigh, I did so want to believe in fairies :)

Killer Coleus

2. Maybe it's time for cupboards again. Now, that's not closets. There is a lot to write about, when we start stirring up the dust in closets. No, I was thinking kitchen cupboards and what they have to say about our personalities. You know, what is kept and what is discarded says a lot about a person. For example, I have a mason jar full of small candy canes that were left over from trimming a Christmas tree many years ago. Why are they still in the back of the cupboard and how come I can't just throw them out?

3. I could write about my new ballet class. Yes, I decided that I needed a little exercise and a lot more "grace," so I have enrolled in an adult ballet class on Wednesday mornings. I will leave this post for another day, when I can look a lot more graceful in those walls of mirrors that seem to be in every dance studio!!

4. I could write about an attack of the giant Coleus. Well, it's September and I stop gardening in July, so everything has grown out of proportion. The plants that take over, have and the plants that don't, have succumbed. It's the perfect analogy of life - in the ungoverned state, those that use a lot of manure thrive!!

5. Finally, I could write about, how I managed to solve the mysterious mechanics of a digital timer and get a program re-set for the furnace to come on again - the joys of Autumn :) Well, I can't really write about it now, because it hasn't really been solved. We are still battling temperatures of 27ºC at night and 10ºC in the morning. Time to call Honeywell.

Have an awesome day!!

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