Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Sunny Sunday...

Finally a day of almost complete sun. After breakfast at Craigies in Tobermory, we drove to the Fathom V National park, paid our entrance fee - less than $15.00 - sorry I can't remember it exactly - sun fever no doubt :) and began our walk. Here you have a choice of trails to take to the very popular grotto area. The easiest and most direct route is a wide crushed stone path good for strollers, wheelchairs and Sunday walkers. The "road less travelled" is a more traditional Bruce Trail trek - narrow, winding, and just so pretty. Part of this trail also crosses a very stony beach with gorgeous views of the sapphire waters of Georgian Bay.

Blue lake, rocky shore, billowing sky!

A very stony beach which I found a challenge. Needless to say my husband didn't!!

Further along the coast is the very popular grotto area.

This is a photographers dream. Can you see the clouds reflected in the still water of the cave?

A beautiful sunny morning!  Another hike this afternoon.

Have a wonderful day!!

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