Friday, August 08, 2014


I love stamps. Unfortunately I don't collect them. I often tear them off envelopes and collect them in another envelope and then manage to lose that envelope. I have had albums before, but I always found them messy, with packets of stamps that had little of anything interesting about them.

I do remember that the US did a series of famous musicians once and Canada did one of cartoon characters. Years ago Britain had a series of famous portraits of their many monarchs, but that's pretty much it, as far as my interest in stamps is concerned. I do, however, love it when photographers get recognized on stamps. Apparently there is a new issue coming out featuring the work of various Canadian photographers. The article is in today's Globe and Mail and it is wonderful. It does, however, mention the decline of stamp collecting and that's so sad.

Now, forgive me if I post a few stamp worthy pictures of my own :) Hope springs eternal!!

I call this one "Fish Chair." Maybe it needs to be taken from another angle - ever the angler :)

Here is another from the Brickworks. It's a shy water lily, that reminds me of the story of Moses. It's amazing what can be found among the reeds.

This is an Algonquin morning. It might need a little more colour to be actually considered for a stamp.

I'm really not sure what to call this. For the most part I dislike graffiti, however, this is a very good comment on the wonders of the wilds, except that it is everything that the wilderness tries to avoid!!

I know some of the best photography shows "tension" and offers succinct comments on the human condition. Could this be one of them!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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