Friday, August 15, 2014

Am I my brother's keeper...?

Maybe that should read, "Am I my son's keeper?" Two night's ago our youngest sat down to dinner and asked with great annoyance, "How come you guys didn't tell me Robin Williams had died?"

I was stunned. This is a 21 year old who lives on his computer, iPhone, and any other electronic device available. In fact, if he could, he would live "in" his computer. I reminded him that he is on FaceBook all the time. Did he not see any notices? (I then began to worry about his friends on FB. Maybe they were not that mainstream and if they weren't, who were they?)

Then I worried that maybe we had "spoon fed" him too much, when he was younger and now he is completely dependant on us for all knowledge - dream on :) It was a bit of an eye-opener, though. I now worry about the sort of world he inhabits on a daily basis. Fortunately he works in mainstream retail and work has a way of making us wake up to reality. Unless, of course, you disappear into your own world just to get through the day.

This then begs the question, "What is reality?" Is it our daily escapism? Then what is our real world? Is it what we escape to when we are not working? Philosophers must die young from brain hemorrhages. Too many questions with too few answers must lead to lives of quiet desperation. There is a reason why we wash floors, sew on buttons or change the oil in the car. It reminds us that there are real "things" that have to be done and they keep us grounded. They keep us from escaping into fictional worlds of make believe!! Now where is that broom? There's work to be done :)

The picture? My youngest in Monet's garden - another escape!

Have a wonderful day!!

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