Monday, August 18, 2014

A Packet of Pictures....

I enjoy the words associated with groups of "things," such as, "a gaggle of geese" or "a pride of lions" and I really enjoy making up terms to apply to groups of "things," which maybe need a little more recognition.  These "collection" phrases are like miniature poems. They are shorter than Haikus, but they are still a distillation of the moment.

A radiance of Rudbeckia

This is also a bit of overkill, in the sense that I don't seem to be able to kill Rudbeckia. It is, as the catalogues suggest, a hardy, vigorous bloomer. All the colour in this picture started with just one plant, which expanded rapidly and was easily transplanted.  We used it to fill every nook and cranny in the garden, not only because it was free, but also because it was brilliant and bloomed into October!! Rudbeckia even blooms in the shade - what's not to love - maybe just it's over abundance :)

A collection of Coleus

We planted Coleus and Begonia because of the Impatience blight this year and we have been rewarded.

A rush of Roses

This is the David Austin rose - Mary Rose - one of my favourites!! Flowers like children or the days of summer, leave us too soon.

I know that Spring "springs" eternal, however, every year is one less - how about a "yearning of years."

Have a summer's day!!

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