Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Good Side of Rain

It's raining again today and we are halfway through July so the farmer in me says, it's been a wet July or a wet summer so far. I think that we have watered the garden once this year, sometime in June. Sigh! Actually, when it rained Sunday morning, I am sure a lot of people changed their plans for the day because very few were out walking, at least in the ravine we chose for our outing.

Serena Gundy Park

The walk from Serena Gundy park over one of the tributaries of the Don to Sunnybrook park and then along Wilket Creek to Edwards Gardens is a wonderful "hike." The road is paved, they have put in four or five new bridges (our tax money at work) and they have kept the wilderness feel of the area. It is often a very busy trail, full of walkers, cyclists, sprawling extended families, etc. However, this Sunday morning it was empty!! Here is what I saw -

I'll have to look him up later.


Other flowers, I need to look up these too.

Dragonfly, maybe :)

Ground hog

Lots of water

And doughnuts that will save your life - eat your heart out Tim Horton's :) The river is actually behind the bushes. The reflection is in a rather large puddle on the path. Yes, I think that we have had enough rain!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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