Saturday, July 12, 2014

On Doing Ordinary Well

The photography group that I am in and out of these days is doing an exercise on the ordinary. Ordinary is what happens daily. It's the extraordinary that takes work. However, photographers do ordinary very well, and some make it extraordinary, without a lot of effort. I have written before about photographers who have literally shot the kitchen sink and were considered geniuses (or maybe that's genii - these come in a bottle, though.)

Here are my takes on the ordinary - Art imitating life or Life imitating art -

It's the handle of a water jug.

From a different angle


The ice palace in a glass vase

Starry night


My daughter left the house wondering if I had gone completely mad......I decided not to comment :) Sometimes just doing the ordinary - taking a picture of something very ordinary - a pot of tea, becomes extraordinary. However, if I did it all the time, they'd lock me away. So I guess that I will have to endure the ordinary most of the time and then wait until nobody's looking to snap the extraordinary!  

Have an extraordinary day!!

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