Monday, June 09, 2014

Vivian Maier

The first movie I watched on our new flat screen "Smart TV" (were all the other ones dumb?) - was "Finding Vivian Maier." I have been fascinated by her photography since 2011, the first time I read an article about the auctioning of all her undeveloped film. In fact I wrote a post on it at the time, Lucky Day.

Cloud Factory

Somewhat reclusive, Vivian Maier was a children's nanny most of her life and spent a good part of her spare time and even some of her working time taking pictures. She left a legacy of over 40,000 undeveloped photos and film, in a storage locker. This horde was eventually sold at auction to cover the cost of the unpaid rent. Her purchaser (can I say that?) was so stunned by the quality, scope and sheer immenseness of her work that he set about to tell her story in the documentary I saw last night.

I just realized that I have almost 4,000 pictures on my MAC and probably another 4,000 on an external hard drive - yikes. I may be becoming a Vivian Maier. However, I rarely take pictures of people. Vivian Maier took amazing pictures of people!! Here is a website dedicated to her work -

The pictures? My fascination with the infrastructure. People are more interesting :)

Have a great day!

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