Sunday, June 22, 2014


I gather that you get to have a "des Monts" after your name, in the Laurentians, if you are a town that is really at the top of a mountain. Well, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts certainly is and anyone who has
cycled to it along Le Petit Train du Nord painfully knows how really high it is!!

We've been to Ste. Agathe before, by car and it is a lovely place. However, we gave it a miss this time, because it is off the trail and we needed to be on the trail, peddling steadily to make Val David in time!! Actually most of the journey at this point was downhill - I loved it!! Today was warm, but not too hot and it was very sunny!! We must have peddled quite a bit too, rather than coast down the path, because we arrived in Val David in time for lunch. I'm not sure why we rushed!!

Val David is a busy town right on the trail. It is known for its arts' community, interesting restaurants and eclectic shops. Today was Sunday and it was very busy, however, we had no trouble getting a table on the patio of a lovely restaurant right on the main street. Here, we split a huge sandwich, again on a baguette and each of us had a glass of wine. I could have sat there, in the sun, all day. No rest for the athletic :) though, we had to find our inn.

Le Creux du Vent (the cradle of the wind) was actually back on the trail a little, right beside some raging rapids, which we had planned to look at after lunch. Well, now we could see them for dinner too. The building itself is an old style Quebec home with a slopping tin roof, gabled windows and huge veranda. The rooms were all very pretty, though our shower stall was a little cramped. Dinner, on the other hand, was excellent with Gazpacho to start, several main dishes to choose from - we both had the duck pasta and again several desserts - we shared the Pot de Creme. The restaurant was licensed and the wine was somewhat affordable. I think the price must go up the closer you get to Montreal!!

Although, we rarely went out after dinner, my husband always managed to stay awake in the evening to read, send texts to the kids and finish the beer. I usually fell asleep immediately on contact with the pillow. The rhythm of the holiday could best be described as - eat, sleep, eat, bike. Even though the biking was strenuous, I didn't lose any weight because the food was so good!! Sigh!

More tomorrow. Have a terrific day!!

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