Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Love Could Break Your Bridge.......

....or maybe it's gridlock of a whole different variety :) I read in the paper yesterday where one of the bridges over the Seine in Paris lost a portion of its grid work because of all the padlocks that couples have affixed to it, as a sign of their eternal devotion to one another. Given the divorce rate in the general public these days, eternal is probably about five years, however, no one seems to be rushing to remove their lock, after the romance has ended.

Hence, groaning from the weight of so much Parisian amour, a portion of one of the bridges just collapsed. I took these pictures of locks on several bridges over the Seine in May (2014). Clearly more than one "pont" is endangered. Some couples are even cementing their relationships on the highest platform of the Eiffel Tower. Hopefully they are then not jumping, however, the tower itself may be in danger of keeling over, from the weight of the locks - whatever happened to locks of hair. Hmmm bridges covered in hair - best not to go there :)

I think that it's time to find another symbol for eternal love. How about planting a tree in a derelict area, or seeding wildflowers on the median of a highway - maybe a bit too dangerous. Well, how about buying a goat for an impoverished family somewhere. OK, maybe goat doesn't say love as much as flowers, a locket and/or a tree in which to engrave your initials, should the romance last long enough to grow a tree large enough to accept the inscription. (Ed note: would you then even remember where you planted it?)

Maybe not. Oh well, there are always flamingoes!!

Love works in mysterious ways

Have a lovely day.

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