Thursday, June 05, 2014

Best Buy.....Not!!

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? Well yesterday was one of them for me. It started with a note on my windshield about parking to close to a driveway. I may have written before about permit parking, street parking and parking pads. It's an ongoing battle.

1. First, since we share our driveway with the people next door, no one parks in the driveway. Also since this mutual drive is virtually at a 45ยบ angle, creating a simple parking pad on the lawn, is not an option. Any parking spot out front would require lots of heavy digging, retaining walls and major loss of garden space. As a result we chose to park our cars on the street with permits.

Permits are limited to the number of curb spaces available, so most permit parkers are careful not to take up two spaces. We do, however, have to park close to the driveway entrances of other houses, many of whom have the benefit of a parking pad. No, I am not going to park back from her driveway and use up two spaces. She just has to learn to back out of her driveway a little more skilfully. I told her this, politely, in a return note!!

2. Unfortunately, I am a one-woman army against bicycles on the street. Adults and teens who ride bicycles are required, by law, to ride on the road. It is, though, a relaxed law. However, if it is not enforced again soon, there might be no place left to walk safely.  Also cyclist, given an easy ride on the sidewalk, will not be forced to lobby their councillors to create protected bike lanes. I had to stare down two sidewalk cyclists before noon, yesterday. Sigh!!

3. At 4:00pm I met my husband at Best Buy to purchase a flat screen TV, which we had sourced. I did try my local electronics store, but their installation charges were very high. So now we had to endure the soulless experience of purchasing at BB. When we eventually snagged a sales person, she was very rude and treated us, as though we knew nothing. After much discussion, we upgraded to a Smart TV and began the purchase journey, which took over an hour. Several times their computer went down and all the basic data of name, address etc. was lost, so we had to start over again. The last time we even lost the installation date of Friday and had to go with an installation on Saturday.

Finally, they couldn't input the sale's code, so we had to pay full price and they then reimbursed us - more time wasted!! I hope that this experience is not an omen of problems to come with the new TV. We have had problems with other electronics from BB before! more sighing!!

The picture? It's a "grid bridge" at the Brickworks over a lily pond there. Most of the picture is the reflection of the bridge in the pond. Water has a way of soothing even the harshest of elements. We are blessed with a few of these oases in the city. I needed one yesterday!!

Have a great day!!


  1. I do not miss the tribulations of parking in Toronto. For over 20 years we shared a mutual drive with the most obnoxious neighbours. She would accost nieghbours not to park in front of her house because she needed the space for her son's van.
    Condo living - a reserved parking spot works for me!!

    And yes, bikes belong on the road. Walking along Lakeshore the cyclists have a designated path but there are still the idiots who ride along the pedestrian path.

  2. I refuse to shop at BB after two incidents. First, after using a rarely used credit card, I was notified by my card company that a $2200 charge for motocross equipment had been made on my card. They changed my number, issued me a new card and investigated to find one of the employees had used my number. Secondly, we purchased me a new tablet about 3 years ago and very uncharacteristically bought an extended 2 year warranty. When the tablet failed 1 year and a week later, we returned it and were told we had purchased a 1 year hazard warranty which we never would have bought and "sorry, we can't do anything about it." End of relationship with BB, there are too many other places to get electronics these days.