Sunday, May 04, 2014

This may be Heaven!!

Saturday morning we got up at 6:00am to make sandwiches for our train trip and to decamp. We had paid the equivalent of $750.00 as a security deposit on the apartment in Paris and I wanted to make certain that the place was in order, so we would be sure to get our money back!! With any online rental, you can do a lot of research, to cover off your downside, but ultimately you still take a shot in the dark. I would not recommend the place we rented, even though, it was walking distance to most of Paris. The apartment was dark, the windows looked onto a small interior courtyard, there were no street views, and no balcony, however, it was affordable.

Now Cannes is a different story. We have a unobstructed view of the harbour, from our floor to ceiling windows and we can eat out on our tiny balcony. The apartment is spacious, updated and very modern looking, although the building itself is quite old. I think that it also helps to have the sun shining and the weather approaching summer!!

Two days of sun and warmth can certainly restore the soul. Plus our daughter, who couldn't be with us for our week in Paris, has made all her connections from Toronto to Paris and is on the train to Cannes, as we speak (err write).

Although, the restaurants here are pricey, we are around the corner from an amazing covered market, with every food that you could imagine, including pastas just ready to cook with separate sauces and separate freshly grated cheeses - just cook and assemble. There is also a street of bistros at our front steps, which are a little more accommodating than the 30 - 50 euro (that's for two courses per person without wine) "diners" on the next street. In fact one of the bistros, on our street, does mussels in four or five different sauces for 10 euros a serving. I had the mussels provencal last night. It was a huge plate of the smallest sweetest mussels I have ever had!! We shared a salad and my son had pizza - well, we are close to the Italian border :)

This is the street that you enter our apartment from (from which you enter our apartment.)  :) Although, the front of the apartment faces the sea, you enter the building from this back street of eclectic shops and bistros. In fact, our bedrooms actually overlook this "alley." Yes it's a little noisy at night, even though we are on the fourth floor. However, I don't mind the hustle and bustle. I love the √©lan and excitement of a holiday place! I wonder if there are promenades in heaven :)

Have an awesome day!!

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