Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Strategies in Cannes

Now that my daughter is here, we have to have plans. She hasn't the patience to wander around idly, reading menus and spending ages to decide where to go, what to do or where and what to eat. Last night we sent my husband out, as a scout, to find one or two places that would "work," before we all set out.

I was left at home to hustle the kids along or we might end up eating just before the restaurants close or maybe even after they close. That sense of timelessness is a state squandered by the young. I still build a little of it into my days, accept that I get up earlier to do it. Wasting time is a luxury, which is difficult to justify sometimes on a travelling holiday, with so much to see and do, however, you still need to relax!!

Here are some pictures taken, while idling around without a plan. The first one is our apartment in Cannes. The two top windows on the right are part of the large principal room which is a combination living room, dinning room and kitchen. It does have a roll out couch, but to have 6 stay here would be a little crowded!!

This is the view at dusk looking straight ahead out of those windows and below is the view to the left. I must have run out of time, because I don't have a view to the right. Another time :)

One morning, my husband and I walked up to a small church that is situated on a promontory above the harbour. It provided some interesting views.

Above is the more residential side of Cannes and below is the very commercial side. The white tents are not "open" as yet, but they will be after May 14, when the famous film festival starts. Our apartment rent will treble then, as will a lot of other costs, I'm sure. Fortunately or unfortunately, we'll be back home.

The large white building in the centre is the festival hall and casino. In the afternoon we escaped to  Ile St Honorat, just a short ferry ride away!! More on that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!!

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