Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Raok stands for Random Acts of Kindness. I got a post to my FB wall from someone new last night. I'm never really sure these days how I get the feeds I do, but I think this one came about because I am a member of a blogging group, to which I post occasionally.

Anyway I was humbled!! Here is the link to a blog by Jenny Cole, who is a very organized Raoker. That is, she sets about everyday to add a little kindness to someone's life and to hopefully make the world a better place. Someone sent Jenny a book which has 365 random acts of kindness in it - as if she needed it. Now I could use this book, partly because I don't wake up every morning deciding how I am going to make someone else's day better. I wake up just hoping that I can make it through my day!!

Here are a few of the suggestions from the book -
1. Text someone goodnight.
2. Pay for someone's meal.
3. Record someone's favourite program.
4. Plant a flower in someone else's garden.
5. Stand outside of a weight watcher's meeting and tell everyone how slim they look.

The last one is a bit extreme, but I do tell people often how great they look!! In fact I even took out the garbage this morning, because my husband had forgotten to last night. This wasn't really a random act, this was a necessity.

Now, I do remember stories of wives and mothers who put little love notes in the lunches they prepared. This always made me feel very inadequate. Maybe I could just leave a nice note on a windshield, when someone has parked responsibly. This would be nicer than reaming someone out for parking in my parking spot at work. I do have difficulty seeing the other side of things. I guess he did have to take up two parking spots - mine and the one beside - to run down and buy a coffee. If he had parked on the street, he would have had to pay and extra .25 cents (parking) for the coffee.

Oops, there I go again - not so random acts of hostility, rather than very random acts of kindness. I'll let you know how the day goes!!

The picture? I always give away seeds from my wild tulips to anyone who asks.

Have an awesome day!!

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