Thursday, May 22, 2014

On the science of laundry baskets.....

I rarely do the laundry. I have written about this before - my mother never ironed and I have taken it one step further and rarely even do the laundry, much less iron it!! The kids and my husband muddle through and we wear grey a lot. If cleanliness, as far as laundry is concerned, is next to godliness then I'm an atheist - sorry - yes, I'm also Canadian.

So this morning, when my husband asked me to go down two flights of stairs and bring up the laundry from the dryer, I was a little shocked!! Then I remembered yesterday's post about Raok (Random Acts of Kindness) and I thought, "OK, I can do this." I also wasn't about to say, "This is not my job," because I had just read a post by my local councillor about a bus driver who left his bus, with people on it, for 30 minutes and his union didn't think that anything was wrong!! What about all those people trying to get to their non-union jobs on-time??

But I digress - back to earth or middle-earth - the washer and dryer are in the basement. Fortunately, there was an empty laundry basket there and I was able to load, with some pushing and shoving, the entire contents of the dryer into just one basket. They really should make laundry baskets the size of washing machine loads, because that's what the kids put in the washing machine - overloads!!

Smaller laundry baskets would also mean that they would fit, while being carried, through a standard doorway, without skinning the knuckles of the transporter. I like the curved, fit-on-the-hip ones, but these are for small light loads and for transporters with waists. Actually smaller baskets lined up at the top of the stairs and labelled - whites, coloured, delicate etc. might be a solution to the overloads and the grey.

I know, God really wants me to, not only be a believer, but also to have a more organized laundry system. He works in mysterious ways :)

The picture? I never mind pegging out - in Europe anyway :)

Have a great day!!

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