Sunday, May 25, 2014


Last night we drove out to Etobicoke to visit friends for dinner. They had moved, so we looked up their new address in Goggle maps to get directions. My husband, not a Toronto native, relies heavily on Google maps, I rely heavily on the Gardiner Expressway.

Gardiner eclipsed by a speeding Go train

I read the printout of the directions and started to laugh - Who takes Eglinton Ave. across town, especially when the destination is just north of Bloor St.? Anyway, on the map, it did look like the most direct route was Eglinton, to St. Clair, to Dundas to The Kingsway. It was convoluted, as Google maps often are. Anyway, since my husband was driving, I decided to let him make the decision - Google or Gardiner. He chose the Google suggested route.

Spirits of the night

With many twists and turns, we managed to get there. We even found the street maked, Florence - never heard of it and managed to miss the street marked, Old Dundas Rd - really just a slip road down to the Humber River.

CN Tower and Skydome through glass

After a lovely visit, we asked our friends for the best way back. Definitely, the Gardiner, was their immediate reply. I smiled, in my "see-I-told-you-so" smile, as we headed pretty directly to the Gardiner. No sooner had we entered the point of no return - the on-ramp, when we stopped dead! The two open lanes (one was closed for construction) were narrowed down to one because of an accident. It took us an hour to get home, when it had only taken us half an hour to get to our friends via the circuitous Google route. My husband was not happy :)

A steady crawl home.
I busied myself taking night pictures of the Gardiner. As you see there were moments, when we were moving.

Have a great day!!

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