Friday, May 23, 2014

It Never Ceases To Amaze Me.....

....the more I know, the more I know, I don't know - said by someone famous and a quick Google search tells me it was either Aristotle or David Byrne - take your pick. Someone posted to my FB wall today about the origin of the Vulcan sign - "Live Long and Prosper." It was actually created by Leonard Nimoy himself from the sign for the Hebrew letter, Shin.

Here is a more detailed description from the blog, "Eve Out of the Garden." When Leonard was a boy, he attended Synagogue for the Jewish high holidays and "peeked" during a blessing, while the rest of the congregation covered their eyes. For the blessing the Rabbi formed his hands in the sign of the shin, which is actually the first letter for the name of God, Shaddai, in Hebrew, as well as, the first letter for Shalom, a greeting.

And here is an interview with Nemoy discussing the origin of his sign on Youtube. I'm sorry I can't imbed the video; you'll have to click the link. What is implicit in the interview is Dr. Spock's opinion of all the trekkies who feel that they can connect with him via the sign. Yes, they can make the hand signal and know that it means "Live long and prosper." However, very few, if any, know the true meaning of the sign.

There is deep and then there is really deep. I now know why I sit through several hundred cat and dog videos, because every once in awhile the cosmos sends me something that is really worth knowing. Thank you.

The picture? From a sign in Paris. I took it because I knew at one point I could use it in a post to illustrate an "I have seen the light" moment. I have a feeling, I may be using it often :)

Have an inspiring day!!

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