Saturday, May 17, 2014

Free Fall....

I've been out of the loop for almost three weeks. That is, I've been on vacation and life has been easy!!! It was all about spending money, not making money. It was all about easy choices - where to go, what to do, without worrying about the must do's of the daily grind.

Blogging was easy too. Writing about the lovely places you've been and the fun things you've done, with lots of pictures, is not work. Reality is work!! This is how I came to my screen this morning, brain dead. I now have to work at coming up with an idea for a post. Fortunately I have a network of on-line blogging friends, whose posts are inspiring. One of my favourite bloggers is Stephen King - that's "the other Stephen King," TOSK, who is also a published author.

Stephen's blog today was about expertise and how you get it, especially in writing. He linked to another blog from another writer, Kristen Lamb, who posted recently about skydiving and it's relationship to life :) Well, yes, I was looking for a topic and maybe another small challenge, however, I didn't really have skydiving in mind.

Kristen's post, though, reminded me of a friend who did an assisted dive at the age of 70. Barb has set the bar really high for anyone approaching that decade. I know with my ultimate fear of heights and my occasional fear of death, I will not be attempting this in the near future or even the distant future for that matter!!

So what do I do to alleviate the routine, the hum drum? How do I keep life from being "boring?" I have tried, through my blogs, to elevate the ordinary, to look at what might be common and uninspiring and give it a new life. In fact, I even have a post on sieves. OK, it's exciting in the way philosophy is exciting. :)

Hmmmm - well, I have also rummaged in the corners of my mind for the not so ordinary. I actually have a post on the Ablative Absolute. Double Hmmmm. I guess it's time to ramp things up a bit and go for the metaphorical "free fall," whatever that may be.

Oops, I may have just written myself into a corner and the only way out is to jump. More thoughts on the leap in my next post.

The picture? I took this in a gallery that said "no pictures." However, I presumed that they meant of the art work there. At one point, one of the security people had left their post and a sculpture was casting an interesting shadow over the vacated chair. I couldn't resist. I really didn't have time to line up the shot or take a few more interesting angles. It is, what it is and it tells a story or makes a comment. It needs a caption, however. Please add one in the comments.

Have a great day!!

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