Monday, May 12, 2014

An Eventful Day

Sunday was both Mother's Day and my husband's 65th birthday. Over the years, his birthday has always been eclipsed because it falls, just before, on, or just after Mother's Day. I decided to forget about Mother's Day this year and make his birthday the focus of the day.

Nick opening the Champagne

I sent the kids out the night before for Champagne, since I wasn't sure what would be open on Sunday. I knew, though, that all the pastry shops would be open, so the kids went out again on Sunday to choose something that would work for a cake. They bought three little tarts, gorgeous confections in raspberry, chocolate, and strawberry, all smothered in cream. They were absolutely wonderful!!

Katherine guarding the treats!

Since we usually re-group around 4:00 or 5:00 o'clock at the flat, to get ready for dinner, I decided that we could do the surprise party then. Fortunately the skies had cleared in the afternoon and we could hold our little party on the terrace. It was special.

The birthday celebrant!!
We also happened upon two open air markets today. One was a crafts market and the other was full of wonderful antiques. Pictures in the next post!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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