Friday, May 02, 2014


Bofinger is a wonderful Parisian restaurant in the grand style. Its Art Deco decor creates a fanciful setting for superb food and spectacular service!! Platters of divine food are elevated on your table. Cold appetizers are served over crushed ice and hot entrées over a flame. You just keep helping yourself!!

A tree in bloom at Bofinger
Our lunch today was another treat from my brother-in-law. It was really difficult to chose just one dish from the gorgeous array of starters. However, three of us managed to choose oysters, followed by some excellent fish dishes. Everything was perfect, as you might expect from a restaurant that had opened for business in 1864.

Many of the restaurants in Paris have a strong Alsace influence. Apparently when Germany invaded the Alsace-Lorraine area, those, who could, fled to Paris. They brought their traditions of Brasseries (brew pubs) and sauerkraut with them. My son, Nicholas, had a very traditional Alsace dish.

The platter was raised in the centre of the table over a flame and he just kept helping himself. My salmon was a little simpler, but just as delicious!

Dessert was a gazpacho of strawberries with a dollop of creme fraise - yumm.  Everything was wonderful. Ironically it was May 1. When we left the restaurant, we were plunged into a workers' march on the street outside, where everyone was demonstrating against everything Bofinger represented, sigh!!

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