Sunday, May 18, 2014


No I am not about to give up everything and just leave or change directions without some thought to the matter. Yesterday, I posted about challenges and skydiving - a challenge, I am not about to take. However, I am approaching a turning point. My husband will retire in a year and a half and we have to make some decisions. Well, we actually don't have to do anything, really. We could just "retire." However, I need a project!! There has to be some purpose to the daily toings and froings and a goal to achieve!! I am obviously a person who cannot live in the moment without the future firmly fixed in the signage ahead.

Here are a few ideas that I will bring to the table for discussion, when the time comes.

1. I have always wanted to create a magical garden. Fortunately, my husband enjoys gardening too. It would mean selling the house and buying a place with land in an area where the winters are milder. If we stayed in Ontario, this would mean somewhere along the shores of Lake Erie. Hmmmm

2. I have always been interested in "doing" Art. But these activities would be more about me, since my husband doesn't have a hands on type of hobby. He reads or follows Baseball. We could, though, keep the house and not have to turf the kids out.

3. Experiment with living in another country, by trying to see, if we can afford to keep the house and still winter somewhere warm. It would be a project to document.

4. Take on a number of walking challenges, such as bits of the Camino or other famous walks. This would take some planning. Climbing all those stairs in France, suggested that I would really like to do long, but easy walks. I hope they exist!!

Well, I've started thinking about change. This is always dangerous. But I have time to ponder and mull over the "what ifs." I also have a garden, here and now, to get into shape!! Sigh

The picture? My unruly front garden (last year), where I just spent three hours yesterday, on three square feet of turf, digging out several invasive species including Lily of the Valley... and I want more??

Have a wonderful day!!

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