Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tol(l) Free

I took a photo walk today in the cemetery. Since I'm leading a photo hike on a retreat this weekend,  I thought that I would try to get some pictures which follow the basic rules of photography. I managed to find examples of two of them.


I love this tree. It reminds me of an ancient lyre and it frames the encroaching development of high rises in the area perfectly.


There are lots of lines here to lead the viewer into and out of the picture. The patterns of light and shadow could also form the basis of a design in knitting.

This last shot doesn't actually follow any rules, but I couldn't pass it by because of the name. It's one of those ironical "things" that you see from time to time. Is the marker making a statement on life or on death? Is death toll free? Life certainly isn't. We must all pay our dues. And do we ever "cash in" at the end?

As I have said many times before, "Never cease to know for whom the bell tolls." John Donne.

Have an awesome day!!

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