Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Morning Roads and Midnight Trains.....

Caro Field posted to my FB wall this list from Potomac Secret Agent. I couldn't resist it!!

You have to be familiar with the lyrics of a few songs to appreciate the origin of this list. I remember most of them. I particularly like the song "Stairway to Heaven." In fact, I planted Jacob's Ladder one year in the garden because it reminded me of these lines from an old folk song, which in turn reminded me of "Stairway To Heaven" -

"We are climbing Jacob's ladder/ Stairway to the Lord." Would that it were that easy :)

I also love the idea of taking a road to "nowhere." There is something of the gypsy in me. I do like to wander down paths to see where they lead and I have always loved a road trip.

I also like trains, however, I'm not sure that I would hop a midnight train to just anywhere. I did take one from Paris to the south of France a long time ago and I am going to repeat that trip in a week or
two. However, I will know where I am going.

Then again there are the trains that are bound for glory!! or the City of New Orleans and are they one in the same?

There is no mention on the list of planes. Now, I have always liked "leavin' on a jet plane." Nor is there a mention of bicycles, street cars, cables cars or shanks mare. I think that we need a few more songs out there for others who like to ride the rails, walk the paths and bike the byways.

Please post lyrics I have missed and/or modes of transportation.

Have a great day!!

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