Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lost in the Louvre

Today, after going to a small market in the morning, we decided to head to the Louvre in the afternoon. Fortunately, it had stopped raining long enough to walk to the museum and back. I love the lattice work of small streets lined with shops, restaurants and hordes of people, who are not all tourists!!

The Louvre is huge, as you might expect, for the world's largest art gallery. We followed the crowds to the Mona Lisa and squeezed our way to the railing to get a closer view and a picture.

Nothing, of course, compares with seeing the original. It's not so much the picture, it's more about the journey and the experience. A person could spend a lifetime here, and I'm sure many have. It's a world unto itself and for those who live, eat and breathe Art, this might be all you need!!

By the way, the Mona Lisa (I've actually started calling her just "Mona") faces The Marriage Feast at Canaan, a huge work which covers an entire wall. There's a lot of magic here. One wonders what happens when the lights go out :)

It was on now to Venus (de Milo), not an easy feat, given that exits are not placed where one might expect to find them. In fact, at one point, I was beginning to panic. I could see my self trapped in a world of Italian Renaissance art, maybe forever. Fortunately, if you ask enough people, you can generally get a consensus and if you walk up and down enough marble stairs, fate will reward you with a disarmingly beautiful piece - sorry I couldn't resist the pun :)

I also couldn't resist a few with arms. At one point I began thinking of mannequins, coloured, no doubt, by my first post, which included a picture of a mannequin shop in my neighbourhood.

I took pictures of pieces that struck my fancy and made a comment, for me anyway, on the ironies of this world. For example, I couldn't resist the piece(s) below. It needs a caption.

I have to believe that their heads are in another museum somewhere. Perhaps lodged somehow with the bodies, that may have once been attached to the toppers below.

This may also be part of the great conundrum. We are all somehow incomplete and we spend our lives searching for the rest of ourselves. Unfortunately for some, time has run out, sigh!

Have an awesome day!!

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