Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Left Hand Turns......

Left hand turns, while driving, a car can be tricky!! I remember chatting to people who had just learned to drive and laughing at the circuitous routes they took to get from A to B, in order to avoid a left hand turn.

Driving is supposed to speed things up. I could have walked there in the time it took them to avoid these turns!!

Enter UPS!! Apparently waiting in line for several traffic light changes in congested left hand turn lanes is a no, no for UPS. Their logistics CEO recommends (read authorizes) making as many right hand turns as necessary to avoid wasting time in these left hand turn line ups. They need to get their packages delivered on time!!

WOW these professionals really know how to change things up. Actually I have very little patience with traffic congestion and have devised several ways of avoiding left hand turns, myself. Here they are.

1. Turn right onto the street crossing the intersection. Turn into a driveway; turn around and head along the street that you need to be on.

2. Go straight through the intersection. Make a left hand turn into the nearest driveway and head back to the intersection, making a right hand turn onto the street you need to be on.

If you know of any other short cuts, please share. Really life it too short to sit in traffic, unless you are going to take pictures with your camera, while waiting for the light(s) to change!!

The picture? gridlock in TO.

Have a great day!!

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