Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Flower Power.....

This morning, in the Toronto Star, was a wonderful article about a photography artist, Elaine Waisglass, whose exhibit, The Beauty of Life, is on display for the next few weeks at the Roberts Gallery. The article first outlines Ms Waisglass' long career in the arts from OCAD - Ontario College of Art and Design, through script writing for radio, TV and film, to finally restoring a rambling arts and crafts home with a garden.

The Beauty of Life is a presentation of photographs from this garden. As with any art form, though,  there is a lot more here than just a collection of photographs. First there is the artist's inherent skill in selecting both the flowers, and the vase for the arrangement. Next, the flowers are arranged in a composition to make a statement. These statements are then skilfully photographed by the artist, who adds the last finishing touches with computer software. The end results are incredibly beautiful images.

Enter the amateur! Last Saturday, I was at a loose end, so I decided to take a few shots of the flowers around my house. Now, I literally mean a few shots. Elaine Waisglass, according to the article, takes about a 100 shots a flower to get one final photograph. Obviously, I need to have more patience!!

However, I do tend to be economical, not just in the time spent on an art project, but also in the cost of materials. I have no Ming vases, expensive cameras, digital studios or designer gardens. No, I have a few old pots, a Canon Powershot and an orchid purchased on sale at Home Depot for $12.95 - down from $15.95 a week before.

Also, I usually don't use computer software to tweak my images. I'm still of the old school where you try to capture what is there. Apart from a crop or two, this is it!

Here's a close up in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Finally, there is the second blooming of a red Amaryllis. This is a double flower, which bloomed once with two or three flowers on the stalk. Then another stalk grew up and it is flowering right now with another few blooms. Great entertainment from January to April for $15.00.

Have a blooming wonderful day!!

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