Saturday, March 22, 2014

Unicycle Dreams

Lee Anne Dalton posted to my FB wall about a dream she had. She dreamt that she could ride a unicycle. Well, I just happen to have a unicycle in my basement. Really a house is not complete without one :) Actually, when my daughter was a councillor at a circus camp a few years ago, she bought the one-wheeler ($200.00) to practise riding it for camp. I think she found balancing on one wheel a challenge, though, because it's been hanging on a hook in the basement for the last three years.

We occasionally pass a young cyclist (uni) on our walks. He rides a unicycle with a wheel, that I swear, is five feet in diameter. I'm not sure how he gets on it and I hope he never falls of it. He's the one cyclist that I don't mind cycling on the sidewalk. Sometimes, on our ravine walks, we meet a father and son team who do mountain unicycling. This, I have to believe, is another challenge!! The paths are very uneven and go up and down hill constantly. Good luck balancing on one wheel!!

No, I'll stick to bicycling, however, I do need to get a new bike. We've been thinking of doing Le Petit Train du Nord in Quebec. It's a linear park that is mostly a walking/cycling path north of Montreal. Not only, does it take several days to bike, you also have to take your luggage with you, or have someone ferry your bags from inn to inn along the way. We're still in the planning stages. I'll keep you posted!!

Just a quick post today. Spring is knocking on the door, but winter refuses to open it. More snow and deep cold in the forecast - lots of time to clean up those cycles :)

Have a great day!!

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