Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday morning coming down....

....or maybe it's Saturday morning going up.... I took my daughter downtown to an early morning soccer practice last Saturday. As I drove home along King St., I took pictures, while stopped at various traffic lights along the way. Here they are.

As you can see there are a lot of boom cranes around. Toronto these days is boom crane central!! Soon there will be nothing but tall monoliths, 50-100 stories high made of glass and steel, where there was once a city with character and unique neighbourhoods. The buildings may be going up but the quality of life is going down!!

King Street through the wires
I hate to see the old buildings torn down. They defined Toronto.

King Street again. I love our streetcars. We used to have so many more routes, that have been dug up and replaced by buses. I fail to see the charm in a bus!!

The sign on this building says, "Canada Life."
Here's another picture in the same block.

Smoke and Mirrors
Last summer, when we drove from one end of the city to the other, along the edge of the lake (6 miles in total), I counted over 75 boom cranes to the north and south of the expressway. This does not take into account all the other planned buildings, mainly condos, beyond the lake front. There are at least another 25 - 50 boom cranes stretching vertically north from the lake to mid town Toronto.

It's madness

Have a sane day!!

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