Saturday, March 29, 2014


I did one of those personality tests on FB and failed!! How can you fail a personality test? Does that mean that you have no personality? Here's what happened. First, I love the colour red. My last two cars have been red, which means that I have been driving a red car for the last 26 years!! I am thinking of buying a new winter coat (on sale in April) and it will be red, if I can find one :) So I think that I should have got the colour - red, as an indicator of my personality!! Instead, I got blue. I like blue, but I almost never wear it and I have never had a blue car, lovely though they are. Well, the test questions and their answers were a little limiting. Here are some of them.

1. Which band would you choose to play at your wedding - The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. I'm not sure that I would choose any of these and they are from a certain era. I would actually love to have a band that could play all sorts of music - waltzes, swing, Gay Gordons etc. I chose The Beatles, because I listen to them more than the other two - so yes, I may have chosen a "middle of the road" answer.

2. Where would you choose to live, when you retire - in a condo near night life, at a beach house or somewhere near the grandkids. OK, I know that they were separating us out into categories, such as, those who like people and doing things, those who like isolation and those who like family. Now, I chose the beach house, mainly because I'm a morning person and I like to be warm. I guess that this choice would make me a blue person. However, since I have no plans to retire, and if I did, I would live in the city near amenities, not necessarily night life, but I would need shops, and clubs and people etc. If I lived away from my kids, I would have a reason to travel and visit them :)

3. If you could take a free vacation, where would you go - on a cruise, to Rio or to London. I ruled out a cruise, I'm not the least bit interested in one. I'm interested in Rio, but there are other places I would go before I chose Rio. I picked London, because at least it's part of Europe and I have lived there before, so I have friends to visit. I would actually go somewhere on the Mediterranean.

4. What restaurant would you chose - spicy Thai, themed burger place or seafood house. I opted for the seafood house. I don't usually do Thai, I prefer Indian curry and since they didn't mention French Bistro, there wasn't much choice. Plus, I only go to seafood restaurants when I'm at the sea!!

5. Your dream job would be - beach bar manager, astronaut, editor. None of the above, however, I did chose editor, because it was the closest position to the arts. I would love a paid commission to create visual art - unfortunately, it wasn't on the list.

6. How would you paint your house - select different colour schemes for each room. Paint every room the same bold colour. Paint every room white for easy maintenance. What a choice! In our first house, I painted every room a different colour with a different theme - but I was young and crazy then. After that I painted every room white to pop the colours of the wood and fabric. For the house that I'm in now, I painted every room white, all the wood white and made sure that all the furniture and fabric was white too. I was even debating white rugs. The only colour was from the paintings and the plants. What I really want to do is paint every room in a series of pastel colours - different shades for different walls and parts of walls. I would then paint the furniture in these shades as well, with maybe some vines and flowers, very subtly showing as a contrast. Blue indeed :)

7. What would you change about high school? Would you have joined more clubs, got better grades, not wrecked your mother's car. Well, I did wreck my mother's car. I sometimes think that I would like to join more clubs even now, but I never do. I always had a large circle of friends, when I was in school, and we made our own fun or havoc, as the case may be. I coasted with my grades :)

8. What do you wear when you are relaxing at home - PJ's, jeans and a T-shirt, whatever is clean in the laundry basket. When I decide to get dressed, which is usually noon on the weekends, I wear jeans and a T-shirt. so I guess that I am split between the two. When I get dressed for work, it's whatever is clean in the laundry basket. I chose the latter. Blue is a lazy colour!

9. What do you wear on your feet, most often - I think that they were struggling for questions here. The choices were - athletic shoes, loafers, sandals. I wear slippers, which I guess are like loafers, without the penny. However in summer, I wear sandals!!

Follow the link at the beginning of the post to try it yourself!!

The picture? Well, it's not my car and it's a pity that they had to use black duck tape to hold the front bumper on. I use red duck tape to hold my back bumper on :)

Have a great day!!

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