Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm a Hero...

Maybe I should rephrase that.... I think I'm a hero. This morning, I could report to my husband that Barca beat Real Madrid 4 to 3 and that Messi scored a hat trick!! I'm sure that it will be replayed somewhere, in case you missed it. The only reason I know this is because of that little inset on my FB screen which tells me what's "trending." My husband doesn't have a FB account and obviously did not watch the game. So I could get my sport's two cents worth in before coffee and feel like a real hero!!

Soccer, I guess, is getting trendier here in North America. My kids always complain, though, that the commentator is a Brit, with a British accent, go figure. "Why couldn't they find someone from here to keep a running dialogue throughout the game?" they ask.

Obviously, I live in a sport's oriented household. My daughter leaves the house at 7:00am to coach a girls' rugby team. My son gets up early on his days off to watch European soccer broadcasts live over here. And my husband watches hockey, while waiting for the Baseball season to start. I put on my earphones and play background music, as I read, to drown it all out. Sigh!! I really can't call the challenge of getting through Middlemarch a sport, can I?

Somehow, walking is not considered a sport either. However, its day may come, why, just look at the rise of curling :) In fact walking has many sports-like challenges. There are the dangers of ice covered paths in Winter, puddle laced roads in Spring and human encounters of a dubious kind, any time of the year!! I don't wear knee pads, unless I'm worried about dogs. I do carry a walking stick in the ravines - it's more ski pole than hockey stick and I have special shoes, to which I may add cleats. Some people even walk in teams. We just have to add a little competition to this team walking and we could call it a sport. In fact, all we might really need is someone to donate a trophy to the cause!! I can see it all now - power walking as a new Olympic sport!!

Have an awesome day!!

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