Friday, March 21, 2014

Fairies and the real world.

I was reading a blog post the other day on fairies and the belief that they really exist. Ironically it was posted very close to St. Patrick's Day and we all know the Irish' obsession with the "little people." At their worst, fairies exchange children in their cribs at night, thereby leaving a parent to raise a "changeling," perhaps. At their best, fairies delight us with the inexplicable. They are capricious folk and the older we get, unfortunately, the less we are able to see them or their work. We need to stay young to enjoy the little people.

In the post linked to above is a National Film Board documentary on fairies. It is set on Cape Breton Island, a celtic stronghold here in Canada. It's a fascinating film about seeing the magic that still exists in this world!!

Fairies for me are creative muses. They sculpt the haunting images in our dreams and lure us from the tasks at hand to imaginary places. Fairies are also there when we read between the lines or hear what someone is not saying. I think that they may even exist in predictive text. There are times when I reread something that I have just written and say, "that's not what I wrote at all." Someone else needs to be heard, perhaps.

A Cornish friend of mine would always point out fairy rings on the ground. You find these swirls of long grass on morning walks in quiet places. They were proof to her that the little people were alive and well, dancing the night away.

Keep the magic, believe in other worlds!!

The picture? I see the work of fairies in shafts of light, moonbeams or sun rays, illuminating the common objects in our day and taking them to a higher level.

Have a brilliant day!!

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