Friday, February 21, 2014

What does it take to win "gold?"

....maybe just an empty net and a flukey missed shot. How many times have you succeeded in spite of the odds and how many times have you missed a wide open opportunity?

These moments happened in Olympic proportions yesterday to the Canadian woman's hockey team. Down 2-1 against the US, they pulled their goalie. At the face off, the US got possession of the puck, lined up a shot, on an empty net and then missed. The Canadian team recovered the puck and went on to score the tying goal, with seconds remaining in the game!! The person, who fired the shot that missed, will take that moment to her grave!! I wonder how it will affect her life?

Alternatively, Canadians may begin to believe in divine intervention. For the last four or five minutes of the game, Canada paused - people stopped work, traffic thinned and anyone, who could, glued themselves to TV screens across the country to watch a cliff hanger of a game that ended against all odds.

I am reminded of another spectacular game, also in Russia, a long time ago. Canada paused then too. Those who could, watched; those who couldn't, just listened. In my case it was over the PA system, during the last period of the school day. All of us, along with the rest of Canada, held our breath, as Paul Henderson scored the winning goal against Russia.

Believe in miracles.

Have an awesome day!!

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