Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snow Wonder....

It's snowing again today - blizzard conditions. My husband walked to work - safer than taking the car, maybe. I was wondering, if you own your own business, who has the authority to "call" a snow day? Yes, I guess it's me and since I don't feel like walking to work and I definitely don't feel like digging my car out of the drift and driving to work, I could just stay at home, right. Well, now I am feeling very guilty because -

1. My son took a taxi to work and the taxi driver, not only made it to work, he is helping others make it to work!!

2. The mail has just come through the slot in the front door, so I know that the postman made it to work and is delivering the mail, on time!!

3. The plows are out, so others have made it to the lots around the city that store these monsters.

Oh, thou great Protestant work ethic, please cut me a little slack!! Even, my daughter, of her own volition, is out shovelling the first layers of the storm off the sidewalk.

I would just like to mention (as an aside) that there are two schools of thought on shovelling. One school says, get out and shovel often, to avoid the build up. The other says wait until it's all over and then do one massive clear! Then there are those who never shovel and just wait for Spring!

But I digress. I am looking for ways of either staying at home and dealing with my guilt or bundling up and heading out to work in the storm. Think time -

1. If I stayed at home, I could always clean the bathroom. This would be a kind of penance so I wouldn't feel as badly.

2. I could tackle an item or two on our to do list, like calling the roofers, who put on a new roof last February and asking them why we have a leak in our bedroom ceiling.

3. I could finish the first of eight books in Middlemarch and sort of help Dorothea through, what all the literary foreshadowing is suggesting, a failed first marriage. Well she wouldn't be the first :)

4. I can't make dinner. I did that last night for tonight. I'm sure that I read somewhere that you could bank virtue and pay it out at a time when you aren't that virtuous. I'll check "my favourites." I must have book-marked it somewhere.

5. I think that I'll start by getting dressed. I am always more productive clothed and standing (as opposed to naked and lying?) This is debatable :)

So once more into the breech, as we soldier on through this winter from Hell, which has obviously frozen over.  Now, where is that list of all the things that I would do when Hell freezes over. I think that I'm in for a very busy day!!

The picture? My daughter shovelling the back deck in her lifeguard hoodie. Well, someone, somewhere could be drowning in snow, or guilt - Rescue me!!

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