Thursday, February 27, 2014

Observations at 6:00am.....

Weird and wonderful things happen to morning people. I know that even weirder and dare I say more wonderful things happen to night people too, but since I've never been one, I wouldn't know. However, as an insomniac, I have been known to peer out of windows at 3:00am and I have seen you out there walking the streets, at night, alone, why? - go home and sleep. Then you can get up with me at 6:00am :)

I take some routine medication in the morning and can't eat or have tea or coffee for an hour. That means that I sit in a semi-somnolent state waiting for the hour to pass. Not wishing to waste all that time this morning  - there are other mornings when I have wasted much more - I decided to write a blog for my business. This blog, Infiknit News, gets short shrift, often, so I knew that I had to write something soon and since "sock monkeys" were screaming at me from the cosmos, I thought "Why Not."

OK, I know that not everyone has a screaming sock monkey. But I work in a creative field. I used to take a more creative part in this field, when I designed lace knitting patterns, however, now I just distribute the tools to create unbelievable knitted art!! I do plan to do some more creative work a little later, but right now I am just catching up on what I have missed over the last 20 years or so - this could take a while!! Here's the post, The Return of the Sock Monkey.

Just a short post today. I decided to spare you fragments of my dreams from the night before. Winter dreams are not all snowflakes and warm fires. The other night I had one about Popsicles that didn't melt - this winter is starting to creep me out!!

The picture? A sock monkey from the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatchewan.

Have a creative day!!

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