Wednesday, February 12, 2014

-23ºC is not the meaning of life....

I realized this morning that I have become a gadget junkie. On the table in front of me is my Fitbit - charged, my point and shoot camera - charged, my MAC - charged and my iPhone - about to be charged!!! Oh God, I've become my father!!

I knew that I was in trouble the other day, when I left my iPhone at work. For the next 24 hours, I went through "weather withdrawal." Since I couldn't access my weather app, I didn't know how cold it was outside and therefore could not assess the amount of pain I should be in. -23ºC is really more painful (in the mind) than -13ºC, for example.

Another time, I forgot to wear my fitbit and managed to walk several miles (it was milder that day) doing errands. I was very frustrated because I couldn't measure how far I had walked. Somehow this gadget has become a little energizer. I think of it as powering me forward - OK, I'm still delusional!!

Finally, from Sunday until Tuesday, we couldn't access the internet. I'm sure my provider, Rogers, did something at their end, which knocked out our modem for almost 60 hours. Fortunately, I could check my email via my phone, or I would have been even more stir crazy.

Sigh!! I have really been trying to keep my spirits up!!

1. I have been cleaning. Purging is more like it. I know that it's good for the soul and there is a certain satisfaction and virtue to be found in a grease-free oven, fuzz-free dishwasher and junk-free fridge.

2. This weekend, I am moving onto the closets (again.) It's a little like those people who are in such despair that they rend their clothes, or draperies or something like that. It's a little dicey with the clothes in public and if you rip up your window coverings, then the neighbours will know just how far you've gone over the edge. No, I'll stick with throwing out those cheap blouses that I bought at Winners which they said were 100% cotton, however, I have never been able to bend my elbows in them, ever :)

3. I have been cooking. What fights winter blues better than lentil soup, roast pork, and spaghetti!! I would cook more, but I do put on weight, so I have steeled myself against making some wonderful chocolate confection that I found in the latest Bon Appetit!! But, I have put real butter (unsalted) on my baguette and pretended that I was somewhere in the south of France.

4. I have been blogging - not as much as last year, but, yesterday my hits spiked. Clearly baking soda has a following.

5. Finally, today I am going to have a life's worth of sun damage removed from my face via liquid Nitrogen. Yes, the lady is for burning. I'm not sure that the procedure will warm me up, but it will be a diversion. Maybe it's a type of controlled self mutilation. Alas, the things we do to get through winter!!

Yes, I am following the Olympics and thrilled at Canada's performance. Maybe it will have warmed up by the time they're over!!

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