Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Mind in Retrograde

Today it was -20ºC 8:00am. It's now 9:21am and it's still -20ºC. It's going to be a cold one!! My daughter reminded me that the weather somewhere, like Thunder Bay, for example, where she has been in school, on and off for the last 18 months, is -40ºC. OK, there is a reason why I chose not to live in Thunder Bay!!

The house is warm, but the mind is cold. Just the thought of the frigid temperatures seems to draw everything to a halt. It's hard to be creative; it's difficult even to think and moving creates drafts.

What to do? I searched for my favourite mug to hold my tea this morning. It's the one that says "HELLO" on it, in brightly coloured balloons. I'm feeling a little better. The tea is warm, so the hands have thawed, philosophically. So now I have thinking hands. I'm praying for a little warm osmosis to spread up the arm and into the cranial cavity. (Thank you auto-correct, because I was about to write cranal, which refers to someone with their head up their rectum - best not to go there.)

I made a sandwich for lunch - cheese on rye bread, but I forgot the relish - I know some of us are different. I wonder if I'll remember to put the relish on before I leave for work - maybe if the brain has thawed enough. I am also enmeshed in a tangle of wires. I am charging my computer, phone and fitbit, all at the same time. Funny they haven't seemed to find a wire to charge a body, at least one that's legal anyway :)

OK time to brave the elements - phone is charged, FitBit is charged, human has thawed somewhat and is about to think of charging off to work - well maybe not that enthusiastically. Anyway there are places to go and people to see. In fact it has actually warmed up to -18ºC and I see that it has started to snow. Yes, I live in a country where it warms up to snow.

Have an awesome day!!

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