Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Failure of Success.....

.....Or the success of failure. I read this great article on creativity - 28 inspirational reminders for crazy creative people. Most of us know what most of them are, however, we often have to be reminded, as the article suggests. Here are the ones, I enjoyed most from the list - gotta love a list!!

1. Be willing to fail....Yes, I have to remind myself that failure in itself is a kind of success, because I have actually attempted something. I might not have met my goals, or I might have had to alter them a little or a lot, but I have added another experience to my life and I have grown!! Life is a journey, sometimes, we miss a bus or two, however, another one usually comes along!!

2. Be willing to accept imperfection. I will never be perfect and maybe I don't want to be, because perfection is an absolute and therefore an end.

3. Feed your mind. I'm doing a lot more reading (not just Agatha Christie) and walking these days and I'm looking at stepping up the ante. In fact in order to drown out the TV, (I think my husband needs a hearing aid) I have been streaming classical music on my phone, while I read. Yes I have found a blessing in a mild annoyance!

4. Change it up. I'll have to think about this one. I love my routines. However, I plan to see more people in 2014, if you read an earlier post, you will know how different this will be for me!!

5. Keep some stuff secret. I like this one!

6. Just do it - my mantra - don't over think it....just let it be!!

7. Don't sweat the creative part. Nothing is really new. Everything is a RE-presentation or a presentation in a new way of something that has already been done. However, now it is being done by you!!

The pictures - a celebration of light and cracks. We all need to be a little cracked - that's how the light gets in!!

Have an awesome 2014!!

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