Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shades of Grey...

Yesterday, I started to write and it was so dark and grey that I couldn't get past the first sentence.

1. The sky was grey - the pale grey that designers paint on walls and call it cool. It was cool alright. In fact, it was freezing!!
2. It was raining too. Those lovely white drifts of snow were now just slightly lighter than the sky - the palest of pale greys.
3. The trees were a very dark grey - not actually black, but close.
4. The birds were grey - Juncos. There was not a cardinal to be seen.
5. The squirrels, once black, were moulting to grey.
6. Every structure on the landscape, regardless of its original colour, was covered in a slick of grey ice. Everything was a muted requiem of grey. Thomas Hardy, where are you?

OK, I had reached my nadir!! I had to do something to brighten up the day!! Well, if I couldn't write, I could at least run an errand or two to get me up and moving. The one cheerful task in my list of must dos before Christmas was to find a new ornament for the top of the Christmas tree. Somehow, in replacing a light in our treetop angel, I managed to destroy the entire ornament. It broke my heart - we've had Victoria for 30 years. So now I had to go out and find another angel.

Next post - in search of angels!!

The picture? I didn't render it a black and white shot. This is full colour. Do you see what I mean about grey?

Have a colourful day!!

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