Sunday, December 08, 2013

Party on....

I often feel sorry for people who have birthdays on Christmas, because, if you celebrate Christmas, your birthday gets lost in all the hoopla of the day. In fact I have to feel sorry for anyone who has a birthday in December at all. December is one of those "loaded months." That is, there is so much to celebrate and so much to do, to prepare for these celebrations, that well, your birthday could just be missed altogether. December, for example, has:

1. St Nicholas' Day - Dec 6 - I've written about it before - A fun saint - I named my youngest after him. However, I'm still waiting for my return on investment (ROI) :) Yes, I could have named him Roy - next time!

2. Then there is the feast of the Immaculate Conception - Dec 8 - I haven't written about this before and I may never will.

3. OK from the 9th to the 20th you could have a birthday, because it might not get missed in spite of all the gift shopping, cookie baking and cleaning!!

4. Dec 21 is the Winter Solstice for all Druid based, nature lovers. It also happens to be one of my favourite days in the whole year, because the sun begins its long journey back to the frozen North!

5. Dec 23 - Tom Bawcock's Eve, which is celebrated mainly in Cornwall in the UK, however, if you felt that you needed to squeeze in one more celebration, he's your man.

6. Dec 24-26 - binge on food, drink and all things material. Now some still observe the spiritual significance of the season - thank heavens, we do need a balance!

7. Dec 31 - Prepare for New Year's Eve - more partying, before it's finally over!!

I'm exhausted just thinking about it!! Now, I did celebrate a friend's birthday last year on Dec 8. And yes, it was a great excuse for another party. I always remember that one of our former Prime Ministers, here in Canada, had two sons both born on Christmas day. Members of the Liberal party (there's that word again) loved to point out that God had only one son born on Christmas Day.

P.S. One of these sons might be voted in soon, as our next prime minister !!! We could be partying for the next four years. But I digress.

Please tell me what you celebrate in December.

Have an awesome day!!

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