Saturday, December 21, 2013

In Search of Angels

So I set out yesterday to find an angel. I actually prefer it when they come to me. But this doesn't happen often and it rarely happens on demand, so I had to go out there and find one!! Why? because I happened to have destroyed, an angel that we have had in our house for 30 years, and since we needed someone to keep an eye on things, from the top of our Christmas tree, I had to find a replacement!!

First I had to decide where I thought angels might "hang out." No pun intended. I went to the hardware store. They have everything don't they. I mean they have tools to make things work and an angel usually can make a "thing" work, can't they? Well, there was nothing even close to the magic of an angel at my Home Hardware store. Now there was a cute little dog there that keep pulling on the hem of my coat - yes I do need a new one, but suing the manager, whom I liked, was not the way to get one today. Hmmm maybe there were angels present.

On to Home Sense, a home decorating store. I have said before that, the lord works in mysterious ways and there were a lot of feather pillows and billowing white duvets in one corner of the store, maybe I could find the odd angel among the bric-a-brac of Christmas ornaments displayed there. Sorry, no. There were lots of glitzy reindeer, shiny red ribbons, and tinselled tassels, but nary a halo in sight.

On to Canadian Tire. Now, I know that angels are not necessarily a Canadian phenomenon. Yes, we do apologize a lot and try to be nice, but holy, not so much :) Ooops maybe I spoke too soon. There among the plastic snowmen was an angel, in Raffaellian robes. His name screamed, Gabriel!! But he didn't light up and honestly what good is an angel that doesn't light up a room!! He also had lost his packaging and didn't have a price tag. I was in unknown territory!! A few inquiries later, I found out that he could be had for a mere $20.00. I wasn't sure. All my other angels had come with lights and $20.00 seemed like a lot of money for a lightless angel, even if he looked as though he had just stepped out of a renaissance painting!! Sadly I put him back.

I went to Pier 1 Imports on the other side of the parking lot. They also had no angels; well, I guess they can't really be imported :) However, they did have the brightest, gold star I had ever seen. It was whimsy in filigree, bejewelled with emeralds and rubies. No it did not light up, but I was tiring of my heavenly search and I decided that if I couldn't have holy, I could at least have gaudy!! I bought the star for a mere $25.00!! This is how Christmas often gets sold out by those cheap imports!! I bought another string of lights and wound them through the star - they lit up!! Then I spent another hour making the star stay straight on the top of the tree.

Finally I decorated the tree. When we all sat down to dinner, I put on the tree lights and said look, I have a new ornament for the top of the tree. Silence, no reaction, definitely not a smile anywhere. Then my daughter said. "I don't like it. Couldn't you find an angel?"

Apparently not!! I'll keep looking. In fact they should go on sale after Christmas :)

Have a great day!!

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