Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ice To Ice

Last night it snowed on top of all the ice. Fortunately it wasn't a heavy snow, just a light dusting and it is pretty. That is of course, if you have power and fortunately we do. It's a yin and yang situation - we have power because over the years most of the lovely tall trees on our street have died of old age. They have been replaced by younger hardier varieties that haven't snapped under the ice and brought down power lines.

Here are some pictures -

This is my view from an upstairs window. People have to walk on the road because the sidewalks are solid ice!

This is the backyard from an upper window. We have lost about 4 or 5 large limbs from our Maple tree. Fortunately none have hit the house!

If the trees haven't actually snapped and are lying across the road, they are hanging precariously over the streets and sidewalks. We had to drive under this one several times running errands.

Many trees not only lost limbs, some just split in two from the weight of the ice.

Hope you have power.

Have an amazing day!

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