Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hey, Buddy, can you spare an angel...?

The other day I posted about trying to replace a Christmas ornament, which we had had in the house for 30 years. It was a angel with lights that we put at the top of our tree. Having gone to several stores without any luck, I finally settled for a gold star.

Well, wouldn't you know it, as soon as I had installed the star at the top of the tree, I managed to find an  angel that lit up. And yes, she was on sale! This whole concept of discounted angels boggles the mind. Do we really have such a surfeit of angels, that they can be had at half the price? How much does an angel cost, anyway and can they really be bought?

Philosophizing aside, I now have the problem of two toppers for my tree. The star, I mentioned the other day, and my discounted angel. I left the new angel in the her plastic bag, while I took some time to think about a course of action.

My daughter happened to pass the bag, looked in and said, "Oh, a spare angel!" It sounded so funny - it was a bit like having a spare tire or and extra bit of this or that, in case you needed it some time. Wouldn't it be wonderful, if every time things didn't work out, we could just rummage through the odds and ends and find a spare angel or two.

Then I thought of all the people who have helped me out, when I needed it. They were there, to pump up the flat or change the tire. Some even changed the whole course of the journey!! They were the "spare" angels, but they came without price tags and their help was never discounted.

May you find your spare angels, if and when you need them!

Have an awesome day!!

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